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The 15-minute competitive advantage for every marketer

For most chief marketing officers, it's difficult to see through the day-to-day anguish of this transformational market to truly innovate. In her article, "Find the 15-Minute Competitive Advantage," Rosabeth Moss Kanter of Harvard Business Publishing recommends that a series of small but fast innovations are more effective than one large leap. "As many technology companies have seen to their peril, you can leap much too far into the future by seeking revolution, not evolution, leaving potential users in the dust. But ...

Are you this sanctimonious sustainability jerk?

Modern Family guest star, Jesse Eisenberg, portrayed one of the most hilarious over-the-top environmentalist that I have seen. If you're a passionate chief sustainability officer, please remember to tell stories about your corporate social responsibility initiatives from the worldview of your audience. Otherwise, your well-intentioned actions might come off as being self-righteous. And there is little sustainability in sanctimony.

How UPS’ viral story has our brains hopped-up on oxytocin and why it matters to marketers

I have been studying neuroeconomist Paul Zak's work on storytelling and how it actually changes the chemistry in our brain. When we're seduced by a good story, we produce cortisol, dopamine and oxytocin, depending on what's happening in the story, Introduce us to tension and urgency, and the steroid hormone cortisol floods our system creating within us anxiety and focus. Lead us through trouble and show us success in the story and the neurotransmitter dopamine fires-up our reward system triggering optimism ...

Did powerpoint bring down two Space Shuttles?

Do you remember where you were on February 1, ten years ago? Let me remind you. As you were leading your peaceful terrestrial life, the space shuttle Columbia was disintegrating over the skies north of Dallas, Texas. All seven astronauts perished. The cause of the accident happened two weeks earlier. Eighty-two seconds into Columbia's liftoff, a piece of foam insulation, about the size and weight of an empty brief case, tore from the external fuel tank and slammed into the leading edge of ...

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Infographic: Storytelling vs Corporate Speak

It's not rocket science. It's brain science. Storytelling is how we're hardwired to understand the world. And anyone can tell compelling stories. So turn your jargon into journeys, your info lists into lore, and your stats into stories. Here's a great infographic from the Hoffman Agency to illustrate the difference between data and drama. The Hoffman Agency is a public relations firm that emphasizes storytelling in business communication.