Blaze devours donated items at Goodwill of Central Arizona. Your donations needed!

080410fire2I returned on Monday from a family vacation in Washington State to learn of the devastating fire at Goodwill of Central Arizona’s Main Campus.

The blaze destroyed the Clearance Center and Salvage Operations at the 16th street facility. Thankfully, no one was injured.

Goodwill Needs Your Donations NOW!

More than 1,000 storage containers of donations were destroyed. The money generated through your donated items is what funds the 36 programs that Goodwill of Central Arizona administers to train and put people back to work in the community. Your donations count more than ever. Here are four ways you can help now.

  1. The view of our Goodwill donations bin from my office, so I'll know if you were here.

    The view of our Goodwill donations bin from my office window. Wave when yo drop off your stuff.

    Drop your donations at any one of these stores or donation centers.

  2. Help coordinate a donation drive in your neighborhood or through your business. Please e-mail Chandra Stewart, Vice President of Marketing & Communications at for more information or to schedule your drive.
  3. Consider a monetary donation made securely and conveniently on Goodwill’s website.
  4. Or swing by Park&Co a drop your donations in the convenient Goodwill bin in our parking lot.

Please share this post with everyone you know to help put people back to work through the great programs at Goodwill of Central Arizona.

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