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Virgin America spins culture out of compliance through storytelling

Southwest Airlines got it first. They turned the compliance exercise of robotically spewing flight safety information to its passengers into funny stand-up routines. Industry folk thought its was alarming. Weary travelers found it disarming. Chief sustainability officers and executives can learn a lot from Southwest, not to mention this new airline safety video from Virgin America, about turning compliance into culture. Let's face it, if you're going to spur significant change in the operations of your organization to benefit people, planet and ...

How sustainable is your cat video?

Got six seconds for the premiere of my first Vine video? I call it...wait for it... "Cat-tastrophe." The piece poses many daring questions, punctures paradigms, and borrows from the anarchistic bent of Hunter S. Thompson. Shot in classic three-act story structure: Exposition, Development and Resolution (Feel the conflict?), this brilliant bit of filmmaking is sure to redefine the feline film genre forever. There, I said it. Cat videos are killers! Snookums is causing climate change, global warming, and drowning polar bears. Not so ...

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7 reasons why business leaders fear storytelling

Guest article by famed screenwriting coach, Robert McKee The Boldt Company builds mammoth construction projects: power plants, hospitals, educational and industrial complexes.  But before Boldt can build, it must win bids.  In the past, its bid team, working in the time-honored way, pit Bolt’s numbers against its competitor’s numbers.  Their win rate was one in ten. With some face-to-face coaching, the bid team soon mastered the craft of turning data into drama creating a story driven bid entitled “Boldt Builds”.  This new ...

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Infographic: Storytelling vs Corporate Speak

It's not rocket science. It's brain science. Storytelling is how we're hardwired to understand the world. And anyone can tell compelling stories. So turn your jargon into journeys, your info lists into lore, and your stats into stories. Here's a great infographic from the Hoffman Agency to illustrate the difference between data and drama. The Hoffman Agency is a public relations firm that emphasizes storytelling in business communication.

How a frog can save a forest with storytelling

One of the great challenges in sustainable storytelling is that brands and causes don't take the time to understand their audiences in a Godlike way. Their stories don't resonate because they are too often told from the brand's or cause's perspective, rather than  from the world view shared by their audiences. The Rainforest Alliance's "Follow the Frog" entertaining story is the hysterical exception. But hysterical for all of the right reasons. It is a sustainable story that clearly places the viewer at the ...