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Infographic: Storytelling vs Corporate Speak

It's not rocket science. It's brain science. Storytelling is how we're hardwired to understand the world. And anyone can tell compelling stories. So turn your jargon into journeys, your info lists into lore, and your stats into stories. Here's a great infographic from the Hoffman Agency to illustrate the difference between data and drama. The Hoffman Agency is a public relations firm that emphasizes storytelling in business communication.

How a frog can save a forest with storytelling

One of the great challenges in sustainable storytelling is that brands and causes don't take the time to understand their audiences in a Godlike way. Their stories don't resonate because they are too often told from the brand's or cause's perspective, rather than  from the world view shared by their audiences. The Rainforest Alliance's "Follow the Frog" entertaining story is the hysterical exception. But hysterical for all of the right reasons. It is a sustainable story that clearly places the viewer at the ...

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A watershed evening when Robert Redford opened for me!

I enjoyed the remarkable honor of sharing the stage with Robert Redford Saturday evening during the Raise The River event at the Arizona Science Center. Raise The River is a collaboration between the Sonoran Institute and the Redford Center to reconnect the Colorado River with its Delta in Mexico by purchasing water rights to help increase river flow. Park&Co helped Raise The River share its story. Given our more than 15 years working with water conservation and management campaigns, organizers asked ...

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8 reasons why your brain craves visual storytelling

Most powerpoint visuals are benign charts, graphs and bulleted lists of nonsense that wallpaper over the true story behind the presentation. I just received this terrific infographic on the power of infographics: visual storytelling. It it's true that 50% of your brain is involved in visual processing. And 70% of all your sensory receptors are in your eyes. AND you can get the sense of a visual scene in less than 1/10 of a second. Then why does everybody  litter their ...

Matt Damon’s potty humor pushes movement

There is nothing funny about 780 million people without clean drinking water.  Or  2.5 billion people that lack access to a toilet or proper sanitation. So it may surprise you that Academy Award winner Matt Damon has taken a decidedly humorous approach to solving the problem. He announced that he will not go to the bathroom until the world water crisis is solved. Here's his faux news conference that launched his Strike With Me campaign. Damon's potty campaign is for his 20-year-old charity Water.org that helps bring ...