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Is green marketing already going the way of the bison?

Green marketing is as new and fresh as a prairie flower. It can't already be in decline! Can it? That's the question posed during next Wednesday's FREE Link-n-Learn webinar presented by the Phoenix Green Chamber of Commerce, called, "Is Green Marketing Dying of Irrelevance?" You have to give the green chamber some credit, as it calls into question the marketing surrounding the vary industry it's trying to promote. This is a timely subject hosted by Derrick Mains of Your3BL Radio. I ...

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A sustainable marketer is always a student

I've been quiet on my blog the past several days due to chaperoning 50 DECA students from Camelback High School around Manhattan. A giant shout out to Linda Shaub, Ryan La Rosa and the incredible folks at Hill & Knowlton for sharing your afternoon with us. Now that I'm back, the education continues with two speaking engagements next week for the American Advertising Federation - Phoenix, and the American Marketing Association. Tuesday evening, the AAF invited me to share an encore storytelling ...

Does Banksy know that he just designed me a new logo?

My son, Caed, just sent me this image from phantom street artist, Banksy. It pretty much sums up what I've been writing about relative to green marketing and sustainability going on three years now... ...especially on the heels of a post I wrote last year about a new airport parking lot that had the opportunity to stand for much more than paving the desert, clogging the freeways, and darkening our skies. My premise is that opportunities to be – and educate about – ...

The Business of Green Marketing

The phone call came from Hong Kong. "Mr. Howell, we'd like to interview you about your approach to green marketing for our magazine." "Your magazine? What magazine?" I asked. "This is Karl Go, from EcoSeed.org, and we write about bridging the environment and the economy. We noticed you are doing a lot of work in green marketing and sustainability in America, and we're curious about your approach," Karl said. "Ask away," I said. Here's the resulting article, "Green Marketing for Successful Business." The internet is a ...

What advertising storytellers can learn from a model airplane and a prayer

Yesterday, I had the honor of being the keynote presenter for the National Ad2 Mid-year Retreat in Phoenix. Instead of speaking, I chose to share a remarkable story with the young advertising pros to underscore how powerful "Story" is in our craft. Then I challenged them to write their own personal story, and to focus on what truly great things they would like to accomplish. And when I say "Great," I mean something out-of-this-world that is bigger than themselves. All compelling ...

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