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How to tell compelling stories to drive donations for your social cause

Goodwill of Central Arizona will help more than 23,000 people find employment this year through its workforce development programs. Goodwill relies on your donations for the inventory it sells through more than 60 local thrift stores. Proceeds from your donations fuel the job training in their career centers that help Arizonans find jobs. Unfortunately, the recession has reduced the amount of donations coming in. Worse, out-of-state, for-profit thrift operators have placed thousands of collection bins around the Valley. They are formidable competitors ...

What social marketers can learn from a common man’s story on NPR’s StoryCorps

Once I learned about the Hero's Journey from Joseph Campbell's work, it started appearing everywhere. This universal pattern to story permeates all of our lives. It's not only in the stories we love, the movies we gush over, and the music we call our own, but it's also found in our everyday activities. That's why stories, and the Hero's Journey they are structured upon, are mirrors of life's struggles and victories. Campbell's work inspired me to create the Story Cycle, a 10-step ...

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How the sharing economy accommodated us in France

Michele and I had never used AirBnB until our recent three-week adventure through France. There was a terrific article in the NY Times today about the vacation rental company in what is being called the sharing economy, so I thought I'd share our experience with you. One of our destinations was Normandy, France, and the 60-mile stretch of D-Day beaches, harbors, museums, villages and fields. I've always wanted to take this trip to one of the most poignant places in history, ...

Didn’t the ancient Greeks warn us about posting selfies?

We tell each other stories for no other reason than to make sense out of the chaos of being alive. And we, of course, love to be at the center of the stories we tell. Just look at the social phenomena of the "selfie," those self-taken pics that populate Facebook and Instagram like Chickenpox on a toddler. I'm in the throes of finalizing my new book on brand storytelling called, Story Built: How to Craft Spellbinding Brand Stories to Create Epic Customer ...

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Future sustainability leaders to nurture their inner storyteller

(The following article originally ran in Sustainable Brands news)  Park Howell, president of Phoenix-based brand strategy and marketing firm Park&Co, also heads the Communications thread of the Arizona State University School of Sustainability’s Executive Master’s for Sustainability Leadership (EMSL) program. Under Howell’s direction, the program replaces communications theory with “communications commandos.” We spoke with Howell about tapping into our innate storytelling instinct and how the Story Cycle can be utilized by brands in their marketing efforts and by sustainability executives to enact change within their ...